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Berom Community North America represents the citizens of the Berom nation residing in North America who are striving to advance the traditional values of love, peace, respect, unity, selflessness, tolerance, innovation, and industry which have been passed on to us by our foremothers and forefathers. We endeavor to collaborate with those who are passionate about sharing these principles. It is our goal to form a fellowship with these individuals, serving and promoting the welfare of our brothers and sisters in the homeland, as well as those in our host communities in diaspora. This is how our organization was established through the initial thoughts and dreams of Dr. (Rev.) Da Nash Pwol in the early to Mid-90s. This was followed by the great efforts of our first formal acting leader Dr. (Rev.) Da Benjamin C. Datiri until our now 2018 under the leadership of Ngo (Mrs.) Felicia Chomo Sodipe. Both Da Nash Pwol and Da Datiri are still actively involved as elder statesmen.

What We Do

Berom Community North America is a non-profit organization that strives to promote the welfare of the Berom communities in diaspora, as well as those in the homeland.

Service Areas

The Berom Community North America services our brothers and sisters in the diaspora, as well as those in the motherland.

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Our Mission

Our association is committed to strengthening the Berom kinship in the diaspora and the homeland through fellowship, and the promotion of activities and programs aimed toward the general well-being of our brothers and sisters. It is our goal to advance activities and programs that are structured around the educational progress of our people, with particular emphasis on information technology for our youth. Our community is passionate about supporting and promoting activities directed towards the improvement of the Berom Federation welfare, providing protection, and preserving the Berom homeland in Plateau State, Nigeria. In the face of any atrocities perpetrated against the Berom nation, our organization is committed to offering any support we can to ameliorate the suffering of our people.

The Berom Community North America commits itself to promoting and advancing the Berom cultural heritage with greater attention to the youth, in the diaspora, and the homeland.

Felicia Chomo Sodipe

Felecia Chomo Sodipe

President, Berom Community North America

Deborah Gyang

Deborah Gyang

General secretary (BCNA)

Esther Jack Vickers

Esther Jack-Vickers


Pam Davou

Pam Davou

Educational, Cultural, and Social Secretary

Elder Statesmen (BCNA)
Rev Dr. Benjamin Datiri

Rev Dr. Benjamin Datiri

Rev Dr. Nash Pwol.

Rev Dr. Nash Pwol.

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